Yesterday, January 28th was Data Privacy Day!

LR-Digital-blue-01_00sLed by the non-profit group, National Cyber Security Alliance, the first Data Privacy Day was celebrated in the United States in 2008.  

We here at Pullman & Comley got a jump on celebrating Data Privacy Day with our “Data Privacy, Cybersecurity and Your Business” Seminar last week, and we know that it is important to help our clients to implement effective privacy and security policies and controls every day.

With an experienced team that includes the former Privacy Officer of a Fortune 100 company and Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US) who has successfully guided the largest and smallest of businesses through security incidents/data breaches, we know firsthand that there is no “one size fits all” solution for companies that are concerned about data protection. 

The one insight with universal applicability that came out of our seminar last week was this: no one can ignore the risk of cybercrime.   It is especially fitting to reinforce that message today.   Whether reviewing your legal/employee policies and enhancing training and awareness or evaluating your infrastructure vulnerabilities via a cybersecurity penetration test, there is no reason to delay taking definite steps to mitigate your risks and to establish a record of conscientiousness.

We all know that humans make mistakes and that cybercrime is on the rise, but as we have seen from recent breaches reported in the news, ignoring one’s responsibility to take proactive steps to safeguard sensitive information with the hope that “it won’t happen to me” will not be well received, – especially not by the regulators or your customers.

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