Topic: Contracts

Second Circuit Identifies Outer Limits of NLRA-Protected Speech

The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) generally prohibits employers from retaliating against employees based on their union-related activities or for taking concerted action to improve the terms and conditions of their employment, even in the absence of a union. But an employee can lose the protection of the NLRA if he or she acts in…

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Is Disloyalty Its Own Reward?

May a disloyal employee keep the compensation his employer paid him, even while he was betraying his employer’s trust? In a recent case, the Connecticut Supreme Court said “yes, at least in some circumstances.”  Here’s the story. The employee – we’ll call him Bill – worked for a building contractor – we’ll call it W…

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New Noncompete Restrictions Pass Connecticut General Assembly

Connecticut may have one more legislative restriction on noncompetition agreements to join the prohibitions of noncompetes on security guards and radio and TV personalities (and lawyers, but that is not a legislative prohibition). On May 4, 2016, the Connecticut General Assembly passed a bill restricting noncompetition covenants for physicians to one year and fifteen miles…

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