Topic: Compensation

The Aftermath: Developments From The 2016 Session of The Connecticut General Assembly Affecting The Workplace

The 2016 session of the Connecticut General Assembly has just concluded, along with subsequent “special sessions.” Most prominently from an employment law standpoint, the General Assembly passed (and the Governor signed) legislation that: 1) prohibits most employers from inquiring via an initial employment application into a job applicant’s prior criminal history, 2) establishes a state…

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Government Releases New Overtime Exemption Rule

Late yesterday (May 17, 2016), the United States Department of Labor finally released its long-awaited new rule for determining which American workers are entitled to overtime pay – time-and-a-half for hours above forty in any workweek – and which are not. On the key issue of the salary threshold – the amount that an employee…

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Employers Have Flexibility in Applying the Professional Exemption

The basic premise of the Fair Labor Standards Act with regard to overtime pay is that all employees are to be paid overtime unless they qualify for an exemption. Among the exemptions are the three categories known as “white collar workers:” employees whose primary duty is executive, administrative, or professional, as defined in U. S.…

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