Topic: anti-discrimination laws

Supervisor’s Personal Liability for Harassment

A recent case filed in the Waterbury superior court, Denault v. Community Mental Health Affiliates, et al, alleging an unfortunately familiar pattern of sexual harassment in violation of the Connecticut Fair Employment Practices Act, named both the company and the harassing supervisor as defendants, and alleged that the individual supervisor had personal liability for his…

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A Strange Case of Sexual Harassment

In a lawsuit currently pending in the Superior Court, an employee is accusing her supervisor of:  Urging her to go to the beach and wear a bikini, Calling her into his office to view images of naked women on his computer, Discussing “sex toys” with her, Relentlessly urging her to go to a “sex shop”…

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Workplace Bullying and The Law

Could Jonathan Martin successfully sue the Miami Dolphins and Richie Incognito for workplace bullying?  Probably not. For one reason or another, the existing array of legal claims do not cover much of what would be considered workplace bullying.  And while there have been thoughtful efforts to develop model legislation which would provide a right of…

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