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Before Adopting a Restrictive Covenant Program, Check For Fundamentals?

A relatively recent Connecticut Superior Court decision holding certain non-compete and non-solicitation covenants unenforceable illustrates the need for businesses to focus on fundamentals in creating and litigating these provisions.  It also illustrates that in some instances, old axioms in this area don’t always apply. The old axiom here is that courts are more inclined to…

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Supreme Court Decision on Departing Employees & Releasing Workers’ Compensation Claims Against Employer

The Connecticut Supreme Court recently released a decision, SC19085 that puts to bed an issue that frequently arises when employers attempt to have departing employees release ALL claims against the company – including workers’ compensation claims.  In Leonetti v. MacDermid, Inc., the employer and employee entered into a settlement agreement to pay the employee $70,000…

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Supreme Court Hears Argument on Latest “Donning” and “Doffing” Wage Case

Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court heard argument in another “donning and doffing” case.  Donning and doffing refers to the need for employees to put on (“don”) and take off (“doff”) clothing as part of their job.  The last time the U.S. Supreme Court heard a donning and doffing case IBP v. Alvarez,, 03-1238 …

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