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The U.S. Department of Labor announced its final rule setting a new salary threshold for the “white collar” (executive, administrative, and professional) overtime exemptions. As of January 1, 2020, employees in these categories will have to earn at least $35,468 annually ($684 per week) to be exempt from overtime requirements.  No changes were made to…

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Can There be a “Meeting” Under the FOIA in the Absence of a Quorum? The Appellate Court Just Spoke (but stay tuned).

[Although this article is not about an employment law issue, we are including it in this blog because it will be particularly relevant to our readers who are affiliated with public employers, or who serve on public boards and commissions.  It is also relevant to all of us as citizens of Connecticut.  Moreover, the author,…

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Schools Must Take Care to Follow Established Complaint Procedures When Investigating Student Complaints of Sexual Harassment Against Employees In Order to Avoid Potential Liability for Sex Discrimination

In two cases this month, the Federal Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has opined that a college may be found liable for sex discrimination when it acts on allegedly false accusations of sexual impropriety made by students against a faculty member. These cases stress the importance of following internal complaint procedures and completing…

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